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REHAU is able to supply specialists in windows and curtain walling with programmer and service packages tailored to the needs of the market. The REHAU range, thus, encompasses the following key points:
  • Systematic technology. REHAU profile systems are based on a common platform, in order to provide our customers with maximum productivity.

  • Systematic design. Both in terms of structure and color, windows and curtain walling are important architectural design features. The main components of which are window profile systems.

  • Systematic marketing. Through advertising, sales promotion concepts and active market research, we work together with our customers to create demand for REHAU window, door and curtain walling components in REHAU's profile systems.

  • Systematic service. REHAU supports its customers with comprehensive commercial and application engineering advice. We offer extensive training from engineering to sales at the REHAU Academy. Through the REHAU EDP window programmer, we ensure the smooth operation of processes at our customers’ premises.

REHAU’s programmer policy aims continually to meet the latest requirements in the individual markets and, in addition, to take innovation to new levels.

In this way, REHAU is striving to be market leaders in Europe as system suppliers for profile systems, supplementary programmer and products, in every aspect of windows and curtain walling through organic growth.

At the same time, this global objective means becoming one of the 3 biggest suppliers in each respective country.

A competitive price/service offering is an absolute pre-requisite to succeed in these markets. Continuous improvement in purchasing, logistics, production, engineering, sales and marketing is the task. The continued joint success of REHAU and its customers will be determined by successfully handling the respective markets. In addition, the REHAU brands and REHAU’s system solutions need to establish a high profile with fabricators, architects and specifies, dealers, customers and specifies.

Durable products with operational reliability, comprehensive service packages, high levels of competence in engineering, organization, logistics, marketing and cost awareness, as well as proximity to customers via decentralized structures and on-site responsibility, are all core values for the continued success of REHAU and its partners.

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