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Our air handling systems have delivered the best in quality, reliability, energy efficiency, and more. Here are some of the reasons why.

1) Lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum unit construction increases equipment life, reduces maintenance and downtair handling systemsime costs, and minimizes structural requirements.

2) Leak-resistant casing construction – Low air and vapor leakage is inherent in our design, Leak-resistance casing construction provides the lowest leakage rates in the industry – guaranteed less than 0.5% of delivered volume at design pressures. Low leakage provides lower operational costs and enhanced integrity of conditioned air.

3) Double wall casing with totally encapsulated insulation enhances air quality by eliminating migration of insulation fibers and potential microbiological contamination into air stream.

4) Structural casing designed to 1/200th of span withstands pressures in excess of 3000 Pa. Our design protects against catastrophic casing failure that could result from an improper system damper closure or other event that cause excessive unit static pressures.

5) Integral casing mullions provide component mounting within the without penetrating the casing. Air quality and vapor leakage integrity are not compromised.

6) Unique double bevel air seal design – All access doors open against the air pressure. Unique double bevel air seal design features continuous door gaskets providing non-shearing compression fit to reduce door air leakage to virtually zero.

7) Doors utilize high quality industrial hardware, such as continuous piano hinges to prevent door racking. Door handles are cast aluminum to AE hardness standards to curtail breakage and use an innovative non-slip stainless steel bolt to minimize the need for handle replacement during the life of the unit.

8) Complete non-thru-metal (cold bridge) casing technology minimizes or eliminates unit sweating. Eliminating sweating will improve air quality and improve floor conditions surrounding indoor units.

9) Structural aluminum base perimeter members, supports, and minimum 3 mm thick plate floors assure long-life with maintenance-free structural integrity. This provides service personnel a safe and comfortable working environment inside the unit.

10) Floors are fully welded to the unit base with all components supported and mounted ablve the door. This design which eliminates penetrations through the door eliminates the potential foe leakage and costly water damage to elements below the unit installation.

11) Stainless steel coil condensate pans, designed with dual slope (min. 1:50) for positive drainage, improve air quality by eliminating microbiological elements in the air stream that can result in Legionnaire’s and other airborne diseases.

12) Structurally reinforced filter banks will not fail because of unforeseen loads that may result from clogging.

13) Full range of fan assemblies – Everheat can provide a range of fan assemblies from standard-type to fully welded, industrial construction, direct-drive (plenum type) or belt-drive centrifugal fan assemblies that will provide long-term operational integrity and durability with reduced maintenance and increased efficiency. Although we are flexible in our fan options, we will never allow fan choice to compromise system quality.

14) Premium-efficiency HVAC motors offer extended service life, reduced operating costs, and greater compatibility for use with variable speed drives.

15) Precision balanced fan/motor assemblies reduce loads on design and stress on fan structures for longer equipment life.

16) Corrosion resistant coil construction features stainless steel casings and extra thick tube walls and fins for longer life. Coils are selected with wider fin spacing to improve efficiency and facilitate maintenance.

17) Aluminum airfoil, low-leakage dampers reduce the potential for unit failure and minimize operating costs.

18) Removable service panels with quarter turn latches allow fast, easy access to fans and coils using only standard tools, without disturbing adjacent panels.

19) Individually accessed coils-Any coil can be removed or serviced from either side of the unit without disturbing the other coils. Entire coil banks need not be disassembled simply to replace or repair one coil.

20) Full-height, batten-type sound attenuator sections feature aluminum construction with a solid aerodynamic nose cone to absorb noise. Fiber insulation is isolated from the air stream to avoid contamination.

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