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  Kingpure Online 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System uses the most reliable reverse osmosis membrane in the industry, FILMTECT (listed under NSF 58 for Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems), solid carbon block filter, GAC filter, 5 microns sediment filter and In-line GAC filter that has been tested to remove over 90% of total dissolved solids, +99% of all organics and +99% of all bacteria that may present in the water, providing pure water for your special demand.
Reverse Osmosis
Stage1 FDA 5 micron fiber filter
Stage2 Granulated Activated Carbon Filter
Stage3 FDA standard compressed GAC fitler
Stage4 RO Membrane( GE) filter
Stage5 Post Activated Carbon filter
Control system manual operating auto operating Auto operating
Pressure tank steel(white) steel(white) plastic PE
Service Capicity 7.8L/h 7.8L/h 7.8L/h
Storage tank capacity 3.2gallons 3.2gallons 3.2gallons
Inflow raw water municipal water municipal water municipal water
Inflow pressure 0.05-0.3MPa 0.05-0.3MPa 0.05-0.3MPa
Rating power 24w 24w 24w
Inflow temperature range 4°C-40°C 4°C-40°C 4°C-40°C
Environment humidity <=90% <=90% <=90%
Electrical requirement 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Weight 16kgs 16kgs 16kgs
Dimension 450x250x500mm(LxWxH)+400x300mm(H x dia)
  • You won't be a victim of industrial contamination and environmental pollution any more
  • No more rotten egg taste and no more unappealing odor
  • Safer drinking water
  • Better tasting coffee and tea
  • Save money and time instead of buying bottled water
  • Pure water for cleaner skin wash
  • NSF component certified
  • DOW FILMTEC - the most reliable reverse osmosis membrane element in the industry
  • Auto shutoff function and flow restrictor
  • Longer lasting FDA approved PE storage tank with larger capacity
  • Electronically shuts off the booster pump if the feed water is interrupted
  • Save cost and time on installation and maintenance with secure quick fittings
  • Automatically flushes 18 seconds on each Start-up
  • All hardware included
  • Completely assembled and boxed, 100% factory tested and sterilized, ready for installation.
BENRO Quick Fit BENRO Booster Pump BENRO 5040D under Sink BENRO Faucet
Reliable Quick Installation Durable Booster Pump Nice Fit under Sink Standard Faucet
  NOTE: Please note that all information and technical data contained in our catalogues, literature and web site are approximate only and we reserve the right to alter, amend or correct the same at any time without notice. Products are sold in accordance with our Agreement or Contract.
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