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The Fortune Lifes Industries has been established in Shanghai, China since 2004. For these years, Fortune Lifes Industries has been recognized as providing top quality products and services. A major factor in Fortune Lifes Industries' long-running success has been their ability to provide innovative solutions to their clients. To accomplish this, Fortune Lifes Industries has taken a dynamic approach to their product and service offerings. As a result of this approach, Fortune Lifes Industries is in a position to solve client needs in many areas. From underfloor heating system to air-conditioning, air handling units, hot water heaters, water filtration & purification, fireplace, building heat insulation and energy-saving solutions, etc. Fortune Lifes Industries' solutions are always impressive.
The Mission of Fortune Lifes Industries Enterprises is to provide their clients with products and services that are unsurpassed in quality and timeliness. They fulfill this mission by being totally focused on their client’s requirements and creating internal processes that enable every employee meet and exceed those requirements.

If you have any questions or need any additional information about Fortune Lifes Luxury Ecological Building Systems and Products, please do not hesitate to contact us at +86 21 6428 4559 or fax +86 21 6428 4879 or send email to

Your comments and questions are important to us. Send your questions, quotations and comments about Fortune Lifes super luxury ecological building system and products.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you Enjoy our Fortune Lifes super luxury ecological building systems and products.

  • Everheat Electrical Underfloor Heating System. Everheat provides efficient room heating, be it at home, in your bathroom or living room, at the office, in a work shop, sports hall or virtually anywhere that requires comfortable warmth.
    EVERHEAT underfloor heating is used in connection with new building or can be fitted on top of the old flooring, e.g. when renovating a bathroom.
    Everheat underfloor heating can be used as the only heating source in the room, or as an additional source of  heat, making the floor comfortably warm.
    Everheat can be installed in all types of floor whether they are new concrete floors, renovated bathroom floors or new or renovated wooden floors.

    Of course, at the same moment, you are recommended by Everheat hydrothermal underfloor heating systems, which imported from abroad, Germany, Italy, Korea, etc.

  • Benefits of Everheat Underfloor Heating - Comfort, Economy and Control

    There are many benefits for Everheat underfloor heating and that is the reason that most people are now turning to this type of heating system.

    The advantages of Everheat underfloor heating include the even distribution of heat across the entire room, is very easy to install with no needs for special skills, it is very unobtrusive, you do not worry about the placement of your furniture, runs very quietly, each room has their own temperature control, and no worries about children being burned by coming in contact with hot surfaces.

    With Everheat underfloor heating, is becoming very popular throughout the UK not only because of the wonderful advantages but also because of the easy installation.

    With Everheat underfloor heating you can save a bundle of money on your heating bill, since the heat rises from the floor you will feel more comfortable all the time. The warm air will be pushed toward the ceiling instead of the other way around with the use of a vent. This improves the way in which the heat is distributed and will keep the room at the perfect temperature for your comfort.

    However, there are a few disadvantages with underfloor heating whether you DIY or have a professional do the installation. The disadvantages include a longer heat up period, requires major disruption on building that are already in existence, longer cooling down periods, is not able to respond to fast temperature changes, choosing the type of flooring is very important, and the type of flooring can affect the performance of underfloor heating.

    The way that these Everheat underfloor heating systems work in the UK is that most of the time they are warm water systems where pipes are buried in screed or are placed underneath the floors surface. The normal temperature of the water in the underfloor heating system is around 45 to 65 degrees Celsius and it will warm the floor to 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, which is very comfortable even for bare feet.

    If you plan on installing the Everheat underfloor heating system you will need to consider what effects it will have on your floors finish, protecting the finish of the floor from cracking, the location of the manifolds, zoning that may be required and the position and size of the boiler or pump.

    Everheat underfloor heating UK is great for any type of structure commercial or domestic. Underfloor heating can be fitted as complete systems in major remodeling projects, new construction, extensions in your home or company, or even for your complete home or just one or two rooms.

    The advantages of underfloor heating include the even distribution of heat across the entire room, is very easy to install with no needs for special skills, it is very unobtrusive, you do not worry about the placement of your furniture, runs very quietly, each room has their own temperature control, and no worries about children being burned by coming in contact with hot surfaces. With Everheat underfloor heating, is becoming very popular throughout the UK not only because of the wonderful advantages but also because of the easy installation.


    A DIY Guide for Underfloor Heating

    If you have decided to install underfloor heating all by yourself you will be glad to learn that it is a pretty simple process.

    DIY underfloor heating in the UK is growing more and more popular each and every year so the need for an easy to understand guide is very important so the entire process will be even simpler and your floor will be ready for the family to walk on in just a short amount of time.

    To start the process of DIY underfloor heating installation you will need to measure where you plan on installing the system to ensure that it fits properly. You will have to make a sketch of the floor to determine the correct size of the heating cables or heating coil pipes you need. On the sketch, mark where you wish the heating cables or heating coil pipes to be installed. Also place mark the position of the power connections.

    For the next step in your DIY underfloor heating installation, you will need to cut a groove into the floor and wall about 10mm deep and wide for the sensor switch. It is pushed through a tube and then laid in the groove.

    Do not worry, the heating cables or heating coil pipes can be laid to get around corners or obstacles that might be in way. However, remember the heating cable or heating coil pipes cannot be cut. Therefore, you must be sure that you did in fact measure the length of heating cable or heating coil pipes that you did before you ever start to lay the heating cable or heating coil pipes.

    There are different types of underfloor heating systems that you can purchase that are also DIY underfloor heating and most do come with complete instructions however, if you are having problems you can always contact the manufacturer. They will be more than pleased to explain how to install the underfloor heating system all by yourself. A matter of fact, many DIY underfloor heating in the UK is done by individuals that want to save money on their heating bills.

    Underfloor heating is excellent for new construction, major remodels and even in your own already built home especially for just one or two rooms. Some of the most popular areas for DIY underfloor heating are bathrooms, sunrooms, shower rooms, conservatories, utility rooms and kitchens. Underfloor heating can be installed in any tiled, laminated, stone or wood floors in your home or business.


  • A. O. Smith commercial heaters, for millions of consumers, business owners, property managers, and specifying engineers worldwide, A. O. Smith has meant quality and innovation in hot water solutions for nearly 70 years. Today, A. O. Smith manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of residential and commercial water heaters as well as high-efficiency copper tube boilers, hot water storage tanks, and pump tanks. In addition, we offer some of the best-known water heater brands in the industry.

    A. O. Smith patented the process for glass lining a water heater tank in 1936, and the glass-lined water heater remains the standard of the industry today. Our modern manufacturing operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and the Netherlands serve millions of customers all over the world every year.

    Of course, in the same time, we also recommend for you the following boilers as:

    Beretta (Originated from Italy), Valliant (Originated from Germany), Everheat (Originated from Germany)


  • YORK Air-conditioning system

  • Daikin Air-conditioning system

  • Kingpure water treatment: Kingpure Filtration and Purification for Residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, foodservice, recreational vehicles, aviation, and marine. Customer including Professional distributors, plumbing wholesalers, catalog distributors, hardware co-op distributors, supply houses, contractors, original equipment manufacturers, home centers, independent dealers, vertically integrated dealers, food and beverage companies, builders, specialty pool retailers, service companies and swimming pool buying groups.


    Water is the single most important ingredient in food service Continued... More full service restaurants, convenience stores, quick-serve chains, cafeterias and food serving establishments depend on Kingpure water treatment systems to provide the best quality, the most consistent, safest water possible.

    In today's lineup of vending machine offerings, more and more varieties of foods and drinks are easily accessible with a touch of a button. And with beverages, the easiest way to consistently dispense good tasting drinks is to use the best water possible. That's because cold cup beverages, such as sodas and juices, and hot cup beverages, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and newly-emerging specialty espresso drinks, are mostly water.

    Premium water that's free from chlorine, dirt and other contaminants is needed to dispense quality beverages. In cold cup drinks, chlorine and dirt can drive the carbonation out and destroy their taste. For hot cup beverages, chlorine causes coffee and specialty drinks to taste bitter. Kingpure filters stop these taste-destroying contaminants.

    Kingpure's exclusive filtration technology removes particles down to 1/2 micron in size.  And because Kingpure filters are certified to the highest standards by NSF International, you're assured that Kingpure filters provide continuous protection.

    Keeping vending machines clean and running properly is also important in dispensing quality beverages. Kingpure filters control the formation of microbial bacteria, a major cause of slime formation in vending tubing and machine components. Plus, Kingpure helps reduce lime scale build-up in pumps, tubing, small orifices and fittings. A vending machine that's free of dirt and clogs, runs better and longer, and dispenses cup after cup of quality drinks.

    In today's busy office environments, coffee brewers, bottleless water coolers and drinking fountains are used more and more. And in office environments where customer satisfaction and quality top the list of business priorities, employers turn to Kingpure to ensure that their employees are getting the best water possible.

    Kingpure designs water filter systems that deliver a virtually unlimited supply of clean, crisp, refreshing water without the hassles and headaches of bottled water. When you get right down to it, bottled water poses many inconveniences, not to mention ongoing expenses: You need to schedule water delivery; you need to store large, heavy five-gallon bottles; and, you'll need a steady hand to lift the bottle while trying not to spill it!

    Kingpure filters are installed in bottleless coolers or drinking fountains and provide your office with an unlimited supply of fresh, clean drinking water at a substantial savings over bottled water.

    Not only will water taste better with Kingpure filtration, but it will also provide protection against contaminants. With our exclusive technology, Kingpure submicron filtration removes particles as small as 1/2 micron in size such as microscopic dirt. Office water filters also reduce lead to below the Federal Action Level of 15 ppb.

    Kingpure office water filters carry NSF certification under Standards 42 and 53, assuring you quality, consistency and integrity.

    OCS water filters take care of your coffee, too. They can be plumbed directly to coffee brewers and other water-using appliances. With built-in scale inhibitors, Kingpure OCS filters prevent lime scale from accumulating and damaging equipment. Brewers work better, deliver great-tasting coffee, and last longer.

    Tap water that's healthful and great-tasting is increasingly rare these days. When it's contaminated it can affect nearly everything you cook, eat and drink and, therefore, it can affect the quality of your life. Water is something you simply can't afford to compromise.

    With our exclusive technology, Kingpure turns ordinary tap water into sparkling, great-tasting healthful drinking water by combining filtration and adsorption. Submicron filtration removes particles down to 1/2 micron in size such as microscopic dirt.  Adsorption uses activated carbon to attract and hold tiny particles and molecules that cause bad tastes and odors.

    Kingpure drinking water systems are compact and easily install underneath your kitchen sink. The high-capacity, quick change, durable commercial-grade metal cartridges deliver six-months' to a year's worth of high quality water. All filters are compatible with a wide variety of faucets to match any kitchen decor. Plus, they can be plumbed directly to your ice maker, coffee maker and hot water tap.

    From north to south and east to west, recreational vehicle or boat owners know that you'll see and experience different things throughout your travels. But, the one thing no one wants to experience is the feeling of uncertainty about the water that's coming out of your tap.

    Water conditions vary from place to place. You may find that some campground water supplies taste metallic or musty. Others may have a rotten egg (sulfur) odor or fishy smell. Some water may be so cloudy you'll question whether it's safe to drink. Protecting yourself against questionable water supplies is easy when you understand your options and finding the easiest, most convenient solution.

    Kingpure suggests the Superchlorination/Dechlorination Method as the best way for RV owners to get reliable water.  Superchlorination is a simple procedure where chlorine is added to the water increased amounts to provide a minimum chlorine residual of 3.0 mg/L for a minimum contact time of five minutes. Dechlorination is then used to remove excess chlorine which causes unpleasant tastes and odors.

    Kingpure's Water Treatment System uses the superchlorination/dechlorination method. In a few simple steps, you sanitize your water distribution system and super chlorinate the water coming into the RV and get the assurance and extra measure of protection to keep your travels fun and free of potentially contaminated water.

    It begins with manual superchlorination by using Kingpure's easy-to-follow kit. Then, water is directed through the Kingpure filter cartridge where bad tastes and odors are reduced. Kingpure's exclusive filtration process removes up to 99.9+% particles as small as 1/2 micron in size.  The Kingpure cartridge carries NSF Certification under Standards 42 and 53.

    The Kingpure filter cartridge is disposable and easy to remove and install. The sanitary quick-change cartridge requires no disassembly and is equipped with a built-in water shut-off valve. The filter is sleekly designed to fit into narrow, confined areas. It includes all fittings and tubing necessary for easy installation and plumbs into a pressure system on existing faucet or separate faucet. An anti-freeze diverter is also included to simplify winterizing procedures.

    Every time water passes through the Kingpure filter cartridge, impurities are trapped and held in the microscopic pores of the filter element. As the system is used and these pores fill up, water flow gradually decreases. When the flow becomes too slow for your convenience, the cartridge should be replaced. If not, flow will cease entirely. It's a good idea to carry a spare cartridge just in case you draw water from an exceptionally dirty source. Even if decreasing flow doesn't necessitate a cartridge change, the we recommends that water filter cartridges be changed at least once yearly.


    Kingpure Water Filter uses the latest technology, patented KDF and high grade coconut shell GAC as filtration media and Build-in Magnetic Filter


    With Fleck, GE (Autotrol), Clack or Erie control valves, Kingpure Water Softener uses PUROLITE resin to remove all Calcium and Magnesium from the raw water, providing solutions to solve the hard-water problems.
    Kingpure global offers 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System, which uses the most reliable reverse osmosis membrane in the industry, FILMTEC™, solid carbon block filter, GAC filter, 5 microns sediment filter and In-line GAC post filter.
    Kingpure global supplies a wide range of water treatment equipment parts and accessories like this quality 3/4" nickel-plated brass bypass for Fleck control valves at a very competitive price.



  • Airyair air handling units. We offer a custom Air Handler to better meet your needs with Airyair brand. Our air-handling units are designed to meet the special requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospital and micro-electronics industries. Because the requirements for these types of units continue to become more critical to the process of air distribution, we have established a dedicated team to ensure that the air handlers we provide to you and your customers are of the highest quality and efficiency.

  • EVERHEAT Mirror heater to eliminate fog.

  • EVERHEAT delivers commercial and industrial insulating systems that satisfy the thermal and acoustical requirements of the commercial/industrial building industry throughout the world.

    Insulating Systems save energy, absorb noise and control condensation to help create designs that optimize operating costs, increase thermal efficiency, and enhance occupant comfort.

    Sliding plates. Perhaps no decision influences the look of your home more than your siding choice. With so many available styles, textures and colors, The Home Side Collection from Fortune Lifes Industries can bring your home a look that’s uniquely you. Reflecting your tastes. Your personality. And your own take on living well.

  • Everheat radiant panel, with so many available styles, textures and colors.

  • Fireplace

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